After watching Miley Cyrus’ performance for the first time (at last) I’d like to say that I didn’t find it shocking or disgusting or slutty at all. I found the whole thing sad more than anything. For me it was cringey and embarrassing, like a really bad drunk karaoke on a cheap package holiday. And as for the costumes and dance routines, I’m sure a GCSE media student could have knocked up something better on a 50p budget.

This is why I love him so much :)

I was just watching keeping up with the kardashians, and while they were at a CPR class Scott made a rape joke. And the CPR guy totally joined in -.- I hate the world

Today I had my first proper spa treatment; oil & salt scrub. It felt really nice but was a bit tickly on my feet. Then we got to use the saunas, steam rooms, ice room, and outdoor jacuzzi. I feel smooth all over!

Love is; letting your girlfriend wear your jeans like a shawl because she is in pain from how cold the air conditioning is on a plane.

Today I was doing a stall on a market and I was selling some cute jewellery, this little girl was passing with her family then she dragged them up to our stall, pointing at one of the necklaces and shouting “IT’S A UNICORN!” aw. I want to be six again. Sadly her mum didn’t buy it for her.

Vintage tank top, up on etsy 💚

Yesterday me and Tom went to see Despicable Me 2, it was so funny and cute! Definitely just as good as the first one. Tom’s so cute and tells me that I’m his little Agnes, and that I look like her when I have my hair up (which tbf I do a bit, my hair is too short for ponytails really). Had such a good few days with him, can’t believe it’s gone already though and I’ll have to wait another week to see him :( he’s off on holiday again the lucky dick!

I’ve made £55 in two days, pretty pleased seeing as I don’t have a steady job at the moment

When ever I see the American Apparel models I always think ‘American Apparel is so expensive, I’m not surprised you can only afford to wear one item of clothing’

Me and Tom are going on holiday for a week! We’re flying tonight so I won’t be posting for the next week, bye! :)

I had a dream last night that I had to shoot an intruder. I was a man and I was black. I was called Ray. I had a wife and she shouted “Raaaaaaayyyy!” when the intruder was gaining on me.

NEW HAUL VIDEO BEING UPLOADED NOW! Many items shown are for sale! :D

I love train journeys. Journeys where you surround yourself with your stuff and the small area of your seat and pull down table becomes your own little home for a few hours.

The end of an era…

Today I’m moving all my stuff out of my uni room. I can’t believe that the first yeah is finished already, that’s a 1/3 of my whole degree, weird. It’s going to be strange not living at the precinct next year because I’ve got so used to it.
On the other hand I’m super excited about my new house, it’s Victorian and really beautiful. Probably the most beautiful house I’ll ever live in my whole life; I’ll never be able to afford something that nice on my own.